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What happens if I don't pay my garbage bill?

Updated: 08/31/2017

The city contracts with Republic Services to provide citywide refuse collection. There are several benefits to organized collection, including fewer trucks on city streets and guaranteed residential trash service. This means residents are required to have garbage collection, reducing the likelihood of illegal dumping.

Because Republic must serve all households, the company cannot withhold service for failure to pay. Therefore, to keep rates as low as possible, our contract allows Republic Services to submit delinquent garbage/refuse accounts to the city for pending assessments against the properties.

By Sept. 1 of each year, Republic Services provides the city a list of delinquent accounts that are substantially past due. The city Finance Department notifies property owners of delinquent accounts in September, urging them to pay up to avoid an additional $50 processing fee.

Typically in October, the City Council will hold a public hearing to declare the accounts past due. Property owners can attend and speak at this hearing; the specific date and time are included in the mailed notice. Once the past due accounts certified, an additional processing fee of $50 will be applied to the account. 

But I rent out the property ...

Owners who rent single-family homes or other similar multi-unit dwellings are ultimately responsible for the refuse account. While the Republic Services' account might be in the renters' name, the city only contacts the owner of record. It’s important property owners have arrangements in place to ensure their tenants are staying current with their refuse account. City staff receive several calls each year from property owners who were unaware their tenants were delinquent on their accounts.

If you want to keep informed of your tenant's status, Republic Services can send a duplicate/shadow bill to the property owner at a different address, which can aid in ensuring timely payments by tenants. 

Avoid all this hassle by making payment on your refuse account today. Visit or contact Republic Services customer service department at 952-941-5174.