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Summer jobs at Public Works

Updated: 07/21/2017

With summer comes more sunshine – and seasonal staff! These are important jobs that last a set period of time.  

Seasonal employeesSome seasonal staff work both summer and winter and return year after year. There’s plenty of work for all abilities and experience is not a requirement. The department starts work bright and early, but the day ends early before the hottest part of the day set in. 

Job tasks include watering flowers, mowing grass, weeding and landscaping, locating underground utilities, cleaning out debris from catch basins, unlocking park bathrooms, assisting with blacktopping, sharpening mower blades, cleaning the shop and equipment, painting and so much more. In the winter, seasonal staff plow snow from cul-de-sacs, parking lots, sidewalks and rinks. 

watering flowers 2Seasonal staff enjoy flexible time off, a membership to the Community Center, outdoor work in the sunshine and good weather, indoor work on bad weather days, safety training, access to water bottles, unlimited ice and well-maintained equipment. 

Seasonal staff at Public Works are essential to the department's efficiency, and we look forward to seeing new and familiar faces each season. For information about seasonal job positions and to become a part of the team, check out our employment page.