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Update Feb. 9: City Hall Construction

Updated: 03/30/2017

Construction is on scheduled for a July 3, 2017, completion date. Construction slowed primarily due to wet weather in late summer and fall months.

The city is working with construction managers and trades to assess the possibility of partial completion so the June 6 council meeting may be held at new City Hall, which allows for more time to move broadcast equipment.

The building roof is complete with the exception of exterior canopies, and weather should play less of a factor in achieving substantial completion by revised date.

At the Feb. 7 meeting, the City Council approved contracts with the following vendors:

  • Fluid Interiors in the amount not to exceed $350,000 for work stations, conference room furniture and commons area furniture.
  • Tierney Brothers in the amount of $107,377.29 for audio visual equipment and installation.
  • Networks Cinema and Sound in the amount of $48,650 for installation of low voltage cables and equipment.
  1. Updated: 03/30/2017