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Super Bowl ready

Jeff Tate
by Jeff Tate, Police Chief01/16/2018 12:25 pm
Updated: 01/16/2018

Whether it’s a concert at Canterbury Park or an event like the Ryder Cup, Shakopee is no stranger to seeing an influx of visitors for special events. Next month’s Super Bowl festivities will be no exception, which may leave some of you wondering just how much of a disruption should we expect in Shakopee? 

We know our hotels will be full and the area between Canterbury Park and Mystic Lake will be busier, as Mystic Lake Casino is hosting some big-name performers leading up to the big game.  Expect some congestions the evenings of Feb. 1-3. Canterbury is also home to event transportation, so we’ll see people come and go to pick up and drop off vehicles throughout the week. 

The Shakopee Police Department will have extra staff on duty to assist Prior Lake, if necessary. We’ll also have staff available for traffic control in the area of 169/83 should the need arise. 

While traffic will be heavier than normal with people heading to the casino and various hotels, we’ve had larger events in Shakopee before. And because the bigger events start later in the evening, regular commutes to and from work should not be impacted as they were for the Ryder Cup. That said, it will be busier along 169 and 83, so please prepare accordingly. 

If anything changes, we will certainly update you. Be sure to follow our Facebook page for all the latest information.

SKOL Shakopee, SKOL!!!!