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2017 Year in Review

Updated: 12/29/2017

This time of year many people take a moment to consider what has happened over the course of the year and turn to face the year to come. Our days at the city move so quickly that it seems as though the year just started. We get excited about projects we are working on and results we are trying to deliver, so we must force ourselves to take the time to reflect on what we have accomplished. 

You only need to look around to see all that has been done throughout 2017. Stop by downtown; new, inviting public spaces will be filled next summer with happy people enjoying Rhythm on the Rails. Go to the Community Center; people are enjoying the arena nearly all the time, memberships nearly doubled over the last year and children and families are splashing in the pool. Come to our brand new city hall, which is now a beautiful, functional building next door to our police and public works departments. Play at the city parks where you will find new playground equipment at Hiawatha and Emerald Lane, a collaborative project to improve the ball fields at Tapah Park and improved trails throughout the city. 

As I think back on all of the things that we have accomplished this year, I find one link between them all: Bringing people together. All these projects are building more than things – we are building community. Community is a lot more than buildings and parks and streets. It is people and connections and collaboration.  

Looking back on this year has really inspired me to remember why we do what we do and to refocus and redouble our efforts on what really matters: building community in Shakopee. We all thank you for the opportunity to serve this last year and look forward to all of the opportunities to build community in 2018 and beyond.

What would you like to see us focus on in 2018? Share your ideas on Shakopee Pulse.