Recreational Fires, Open Burning & Grills on Patios and Balconies

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Recreational Fires

A burning permit is not needed for recreational fires less than 3-feet-by-3-feet in size.

However, city code requires that recreational fires must:

  • Contain only natural, clean-burning wood
  • Not be conducted within 25 feet of any building. This can be reduced to 15 feet when fully enclosed in a portable fire pit
  • Not be conducted if winds are more than 15 miles per hour or are in the direction of nearby structures
  • Not be conducted if a total burning ban is in effect
  • Have a source of extinguishment nearby (hose, bucket of water, fire extinguisher, etc.)
  • Be supervised at all times until the fire has been extinguished
  • Be discontinued if deemed hazardous or a nuisance by a member of the fire or police department

For detailed requirements, see City Code 130.06.

Grills on Patios or Balconies of Multi-Family Properties

City Code 130.09 prohibits propane, charcoal and electric grills and open flames on patios or balconies of multi-family properties where there are three or more dwelling units within the building.

Fires, Open Flames or Barbecues on Balconies or Patios Handout [PDF]

Burning Permits

For fires larger than three feet by three feet, such as for burning piled wood or brush, an open burning permit must be filed with the city and a $40 fee must be paid upon permit approval. Burning permits are only issued for rural areas of the city or for areas in Jackson and Louisville Townships.

Burning Permit Application [PDF]

Submit permit application and fees to:

Shakopee Fire Department
2700 Vierling Drive E.
Shakopee, MN 55379

Questions? (952) 233-9570

If you plan on conducting a prairie grass burn larger than one-half an acre, you must first apply for a permit from the Minnesota DNR. To contact DNR Forestry, call (952) 826-6760.  You must provide a copy of the DNR permit when applying for a local burning permit. Permits are not issued for burns of less than one-half acre.

Running Fires to Cultivate or Replace Native Plant Landscape [PDF]