The city plans to construct a permanent connection of Vierling Drive between Taylor Street and County Road 69. Currently, the city has a temporary road; however, utility extension is necessary for future development of the area.

The project will be completed in two phases. Utility connections are planned for fall 2017 with the construction of a permanent road in 2018.

Improvements include:

  • Extension of water and sanitary sewer (Phase 1)
  • Construction of roadway, storm sewer, streetscaping and street lighting (Phase 2)
  • Construction of a two-lane roundabout to serve adjacent parcels (Phase 2)

Traffic Impact: Vierling Drive will be closed between County Highway 69 and Taylor Street for the duration of the project, including over the winter. The intersection of Vierling Drive and Taylor Street will be closed from approximately Oct. 30 through Nov. 29. Upon completion of Phase 1 in late November, access on a gravel surface will be provided from County Highway 69 to the Town Square Mall.

Vierling Drive Project Map

Project Area Maps:

Funding: The project will be funded from the Capital Improvement Fund ($1.49 million) and Shakopee Public Utilities' water fund ($10,000).