The city's annual street maintenance program includes several projects aimed at extending the life of city streets and pavement.

Street Reconstruction

Project Location Map


  • Shakopee Avenue from Marschall Road to 11th Avenue
  • Dakota Street from Highway 101 to Second Avenue 
Update June 16: The contractor for the 2017 Reconstruction project has completed sanitary sewer and watermain on Phase 1 and intends to finish the services and storm sewer in Phase 1 next week. Removals in Phase 2 will continue next week and should be completed by the end of the week.


  • Mills, paves and sealcoats selected city streets with new bituminous overlays.
  • Designed to preserve and protect the pavement, with a goal of reaching a 50-year life expectancy before a street requires complete reconstruction.
  • Work begins in early June and completed by the end of August.

Overlap Map 20172017 PROJECT AREA

UPDATE June 8: The bituminous overlay projected is anticipated to begin in late June and will be completed by mid-September.

Pavement Reclamation

  • Grinds up  the existing bituminous pavement and mixes with the existing base before repaving the road.
  • Used mainly for roadways without curbs and nearly as successful as a full reconstruction at a third of the cost.
  • Work begins in early June and completed by the end of August.

No projects planned for 2017