New city hall address

The new city hall building is now open at 485 Gorman St. Please update your records to include our new mailing address. If you have questions, call us 952-233-9300.

The city's annual street maintenance program includes several projects aimed at extending the life of city streets and pavement.

Street Reconstruction

Project Location Map


  • Shakopee Avenue from Marschall Road to 11th Avenue
  • Dakota Street from Highway 101 to Second Avenue 

UPDATE Aug. 11: The contractor continues work on reconstructing the street in Phase 2 and will continue this work into next week.

The existing concrete driveways in Phase I have been reconstructed and are now in the curing stage and should be open for use next week. Concrete curb and gutter have been completed on Dakota Avenue between Second Avenue and County Highway 101 and the bituminous base course is anticipated to be placed Tuesday, Aug. 15. The existing bituminous driveways on Phase I are also scheduled to be paved next Tuesday.

It is anticipated that the contractor will begin to place the concrete curb and gutter on Phase II of Shakopee Avenue late next week or early the following week. Restoration work in Phase I is expected to begin late next week.


Overlap Map 2017
  • Mills, paves and sealcoats selected city streets with new bituminous overlays.
  • Designed to preserve and protect the pavement, with a goal of reaching a 50-year life expectancy before a street requires complete reconstruction.
  • Work typically begins in early June and completed by the end of August.


UPDATE Aug. 11: The contractor has completed the removals and replaced the removed sections of concrete curb and gutter in all areas. The placement of the bituminous overlay has begun in Area B and should be completed Monday, Aug. 14. Milling has begun in Area D and should also be completed on Monday with paving expected to begin Thursday, Aug. 17 or Friday, Aug. 18. The contractor will then move onto Areas C, A and E and begin milling and paving operations.

Pavement Reclamation

  • Grinds up the existing bituminous pavement and mixes with the existing base before repaving the road.
  • Used mainly for roadways without curbs and nearly as successful as a full reconstruction at a third of the cost.
  • Work begins in early June and completed by the end of August.

No projects planned for 2017