Following June 2014 flooding, the City of Shakopee has been working with area partners to improve channel drainage throughout the City. The project includes: 

Blue Lake Channel/County Highway 83

The Blue Lake Channel, which drains areas from the south including portions of Prior Lake, overtopped its banks in June 2014, diverting water along Independence Drive and through a residential subdivision on Thrush Street.

Earlier this summer, crews created an emergency overflow and additional ponding area on the east side of Thrush Street, as well as made improvements to driveway culverts along Valley View Road.

Crews are finishing the installation of additional culvert capacity under County Highway 83. The storm drainage improvements should be completed the week of Oct. 5.

Patterson Drive

Staff is designing additional pipe capacity and a berm to protect the property at 1272 Patterson Drive. The berming of the channel is needed to keep water from flowing by the house.

Work is expected to start Wednesday, Oct. 14 and last for approximately 7 to 10 days. Patterson Drive will be closed for approximately three days during this construction. Signs will be posted seven days in advance of the closure to notify drivers.

Danube Avenue

The Danube Avenue Stormwater Drainage Improvements should begin approximately the third week of October and finished within a week.

Boiling Springs Lane

The City has no storm sewer outlet to the low-lying wetland area in the backyards along Boiling Springs Lane. The City seeks to remedy the situation by installing a City-owned and operated storm sewer from the west side of Boiling Springs Lane to Eagle Creek to the east. This would protect existing homes and their septic systems from future flooding while still preserving the wetland.

At this time, the project and funding are still under development. The City is seeking a storm water remedy, which may include purchasing additional pumps to handle severe flooding.