In May, the city hired Loucks, Inc. to create an implementation plan that would provide the city with actionable steps for enhancing the visibility and vitality of downtown Shakopee by:

  • Creating a mix of streets and open space
  • Balancing pedestrian and traffic needs
  • Employing sustainable design strategies
  • Adding streetscape amenities


Based on funding available and the needs of downtown, three projects were identified to be completed in the first phase:

River City Plaza

A new entry feature at the end of the Highway 101 bridge, including landscaping, signage and public art. Creates a visual link to First Avenue where there will also be new landscaping, paving and public art.

Gateway Plaza

An entry gateway at the First Avenue East intersection with Highway 101. Includes landscaping on both sides of First Avenue and in the median, as well as specialty pavement, public sculpture and crosswalks to Huber Park.

Lewis Street Parking Lot

Reconstruction of parking lot using asphalt paving with exception along Lewis Street frontage. Includes demolition of sidewalks and parking lot and installation of pavers or colored concrete on Lewis Street, concrete curbing, power modules, lighting, a rain garden median and silva cells for trees that will support tree growth and help in surface water management.

Other ideas

  • Complete Phase 2 of Huber Park
  • Connect to the pedestrian bridge
  • Enhance existing streetscape
  • Create a gateway into downtown
  • Develop a multi-use parking lot
  • Create an entrance feature at bridge
  • Develop a park linkage to the underpass 


The three proposed projects are estimated to cost $1.9 million. The city currently has $1.5 million set aside in its Economic Development Fund for downtown improvement projects. Additional funding is anticipated from:

  • $200,000 Capital Improvements Fund for Lewis Street alley paving
  • $350,000 from Storm Water Fund for Lewis Street parking lot
  • $30,000 from city tree fund for landscaping