New city hall address

The new city hall building is now open at 485 Gorman St. Please update your records to include our new mailing address. If you have questions, call us 952-233-9300.

City Council 2017 Work Plan

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Video Screenshot 2-14-17The City Council is in the process of adopting its 2017 work plan, as well as identifying several long-term goals for future action. The City Council approved the following items at its Feb. 21 meeting. (LT = long term)


Low Taxes
Continued Financial Stability
Stable Tax Rate
Prioritization of Services
Fund Balance Study
Park Asset Fee/Fund Review
Community Center Operations Funding
Park and Recreation Expenses (LT)

Land Planning

High Density Housing
50/30 SCALE efforts
Orderly Annexation Agreement
Comprehensive Plan
Trail Connections
River Crossing Capacity Increase (LT)
Riverfront Improvements (LT)
Active Annexation of Portions of Jackson Township (LT)
West End Planning Process Continuation (LT) 

Economic Development/Infrastructure

Downtown Improvement/Infrastructure Maintenance
Historic Preservation/Tourism
Process to Recruit Higher Paying Jobs
Redevelopment Toolbox and Policy
City Property Development Strategy/Excess Property Marketing Process and Implementation
City Hall Redevelopment (LT)
Old Mall Redevelopment (LT)
Downtown Redevelopment (LT)

Miscellaneous Projects

Use of Committees
Park Asset Planning Process
Code Enforcement
School Resource Officer Program Review/Training
Community Engagement/Neighborhood Group Activity
Southbridge Fire Partnership (LT)