City Clerk's Office

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The City Clerk’s Office provides a variety of services to support residents, City Council and city departments. The office's main functions include:

  • City Code: The Shakopee City Code contains all of the ordinances (laws) that have been enacted by the City Council.
  • Elections: City elections are held in even-numbered years.
  • Business Licenses
  • Data Records: Maintaining official records and serving as the main contact for Data Practices requests

Official Records / Data Practices Requests

The City Clerk’s Office regulates the handling of all government data. Information maintained by the city is public unless there is a specific statutory designation which gives it a different classification, meaning any individual has the right to inspect and make copies of public data.

Some public records are available through the city website, such as city code and agenda packets and minutes. Information not found on the website can be requested through the City Clerk’s Office. No fees are charged for inspecting data; however, fees may apply for any copies made.

To request data, visit the City Clerk’s Office at City Hall, 485 Gorman St.

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