Licenses & Permits

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The City of Shakopee issues many different types of permits and licenses. While many can be purchased online, some require in-person application. Select your permit type for more information.
Building PermitsDepartmentsPhone
Change of Occupancy or Land Use ReviewBuilding Inspections952-233-9397
Commercial & Industrial Building PermitBuilding Inspections952-233-9397
Demolition PermitBuilding Inspections952-233-9397
Electrical PermitBuilding Inspections952-233-9397
Fence PermitBuilding Inspections, Public Works952-233-9397
Mechanical PermitBuilding Inspections952-233-9397
Moving PermitBuilding Inspections952-233-9397
Plumbing PermitBuilding Inspections952-233-9397
Residential Building PermitBuilding Inspections952-233-9397
Sewer & Water PermitBuilding Inspections952-233-9397
Tree, Shrub and Bush PermitBuilding Inspections, Public Works952-233-9371
Business LicensesDepartmentsPhone
Currency ExchangeCity Clerk952-233-9300
Massage Therapist LicenseCity Clerk952-233-9300
Massage Therapy Business LicenseCity Clerk952-233-9300
Mobile Food TrucksCity Clerk952-233-9300
Movie Picture Theater City Clerk952-233-9300
Pawnbrokers, Precious Metal Dealers and Secondhand DealersCity Clerk952-233-9300
Pet Store LicenseCity Clerk952-233-9300
Refuse Hauler (Commercial) LicenseCity Clerk952-233-9300
Taxi Driver LicenseCity Clerk952-233-9300
Taxicab Business LicenseCity Clerk952-233-9300
Tobacco Sales LicenseCity Clerk952-233-9300
Engineering & Public Works PermitsDepartmentsPhone
Grading PermitEngineering952-233-9369
Right-of-Way Insurance RegistrationCity Clerk952-233-9300
Right-of-Way PermitPublic Works952-233-9368
Woodland Alteration PermitPublic Works952-233-9371
Fire PermitsDepartmentsPhone
IRC Fire Sprinkler Permit (13D)Fire952-233-9570
Event PermitFire952-233-9570
Fire Alarm SystemsFire952-233-9570
Fire Sprinkler SystemsFire952-233-9570
Fireworks Sales PermitFire952-233-9570
Fireworks Show PermitFire952-233-9570
Flammable/Combustible Liquid Storage TanksFire952-233-9570
Open Burning PermitFire952-233-9570
Special Hazard Fire Suppression SystemsFire952-233-9570
Temporary Heat PermitFire952-233-9570
Tent PermitFire952-233-9570
Miscellaneous PermitsDepartmentsPhone
Bicycle RegistrationPolice952-233-9400
Block Party RegistrationPolice952-233-9400
Dog LicenseParks and Recreation952-233-9500
Parade, Race & Event PermitPolice952-233-9400
Seasonal Sales PermitPlanning952-233-9350




Liquor Licenses
Off-Sale Beer License
Off-Sale Liquor License
On-Sale Beer License
On-Sale Club License
On-Sale Wine License
Sunday Liquor License
Temporary Beer and Liquor License

City Clerk

City Hall, 129 Holmes St. S.

Peddlers & Transient Merchants 

Solicitors Registration

City Clerk

City Hall, 129 Holmes St. S.

Rental Registration Police Police Department, 475 Gorman St.

Sign Permit


City Hall, 129 Holmes St. S.

Driver's Licenses

The Scott County Service Center, located at 400 Fourth Ave. W., Shakopee, provides driver’s license application and renewal, motor vehicle plates and title transactions, passport applications and renewal.

Business Licensing or Regulation

Currently the city does not license or regulate most businesses. For state or county licensing, contact the Minnesota Small Business Assistance Office at 651-556-8425.

Food and Health Licenses

If an individual business involves working with food, or if interested in obtaining a caterer's license, contact the Minnesota Department of Health.

Charitable Gambling Licenses

Contact the Gambling Control Board at 651-639-4072 for information.