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The new city hall building is now open at 485 Gorman St. Please update your records to include our new mailing address. If you have questions, call us 952-233-9300.

Peddlers, Solicitors & Transient Merchants

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Peddlers, solicitors and transient merchants are defined as any person who:

  • Peddler: goes door-to-door, street-to-street or place-to-place to sell and immediately deliver goods, wares, merchandise, or services transported with that person (e.g. ice cream truck)
  • Solicitor: goes door-to-door, street-to-street or place-to-place (for commercial reasons) to obtain orders for goods, wares, merchandise, or services to deliver at a later time. (e.g. magazine sales)
  • Transient Merchant: sets up a temporary and transient business in the city to sell goods, wares, or merchandise and occupies a building or lot to exhibit and sale wares (e.g. fireworks tent)

The city does not require a license for individuals or groups canvassing or soliciting for the purpose of charitable, religious, political or educational organizations if such an organization is registered with the Minnesota Secretary of State.

Solicitors and peddlers are limited to the hours of 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.


Applicants should schedule an appointment with the City Clerk's Office prior to bringing in an application. Call 952-233-9300 and ask for Heidi or Lori to set up an appointment.

Peddlers and Transient Merchants

  • Must obtain a city-issued license before selling in the community. It may take up to 10 days before a license is granted based on background check (fee applies; see Fee Schedule).
  • Fill out the application below:
  • Must register in person at city hall and show a government-issued license.
  • Pay $50 fee


  • Must obtain city-issued license before selling in the community. It may take up to 10 days before a license is granted based on background check (fee applies; see Fee Schedule).
  • Fill out a Solicitor Registration [PDF] form
  • Must register in person at city hall and show a government-issued ID.
  • Pay $50 fee for background investigation
  • Peddlers, Solicitors & Transient Merchants

    Peddlers and solicitors are restricted to the hours between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. If you are approached outside of those hours, please contact Scott County Dispatch at 952-445-1411.


    Tips for dealing with peddlers and solicitors 

    • Ask to see City-issued license or registration (see example below).
    • Post a City-issued Peddlers & Solicitors Prohibited Sign [PDF]
    • Ignore them. Look through the peep hole; you’re not obligated to answer the door.
    • Do not let an unknown person into your home to use the bathroom or demonstrate a product.
    • Do not get into a conversation with a solicitor; it only encourages them to stay.
    • Watch where the solicitor goes next and notice what they do. Look for suspicious behavior, such as looking in car windows, testing doors for locks or entering backyards.
    • Remember a solicitor may not remain on your property after you have asked him/her to leave.
    • Report aggressive or suspicious solicitors to law enforcement immediately at 911 (aggressive or threatening) or Non-Emergency 952-445-1411 (suspicious).  Provide a description of the solicitor and what direction they were headed.

    Prevent peddlers and solicitors from approaching your home or business

    City Code allows property owners to place a City-designed sign (above) at the main entrance to their home or business indicating that they do not wish to be contacted by peddlers. Signs are also available at the Police Department, 475 Gorman St., during regular business hours.

    Peddlers disregarding a posted sign should be reported by calling 952-445-1411. Please include the peddler or solicitor's license number when you call to help the City track down the proper solicitor.

    Solicitor License Example